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Preaching "When I Call for Help: A Pastoral Response to Domestic Violence Against Women" to U.S. Hispanic Assemblies, Ramírez, Ricardo , Preaching the Teaching: Hispanics, Homiletics, and Catholic Social Justice Doctrine, Scranton, PA, p.137-143, (2005)
The Crisis in Ecumenism among Hispanic Christians, Ramírez, Ricardo , Origins, March 23, Volume 24, Number 40, p.660-667, (1995)
Prison Reform and the Ideals of Justice, Ramírez, Ricardo , Origins, March 2, Volume 24, Number 37, p.612-615, (1995)
Tía Petra's Novena, Ramírez, Ricardo , Así Es: stories of Hispanic spirituality, Collegeville, MN, p.32-38, (1994)
500 Years of..., Ramírez, Ricardo , Apuntes, Summer, Number 12, p.98-107, (1992)
The Challenge of Ecumenism to Hispanic Christians, Ramírez, Ricardo , Ecumenical Trends , Volume 21, Number 8, p.1, 11-14, (1992)
El descubrimiento del tesoro más rico en la liturgia: El rito de la iniciación cristiana para adultos, Ramírez, Ricardo , Miami, FL, (1986)
Hispanic Spirituality, Ramírez, Ricardo , Social Thought, Summer, Number 11, p.6-13, (1985)
Reflections on the Hispanization of the Liturgy, Ramírez, Ricardo , Worship, Number 57, p.26-34, (1983)
Puerto Ricans in the United States, Stevens-Arroyo, Anthony M.; Ramírez, Ana María Días , The Minority Report, New York, NY, p.219, (1982)
Fiesta, Worship and Family: essays on Mexican-American perception on liturgy and family life, Ramírez, Ricardo , San Antonio, TX, (1981)
The Hispano Model of Church: A People on the March, Stevens-Arroyo, Anthony M.; Ramírez, Ana María Días , New Catholic World, July/August, Volume 223, Number 1336, p.153-157, (1980)
La Familia: Channel of faith and culture, Ramírez, Ricardo , La Luz, October, Volume 7, Number 10, p.20-22, (1978)
Environment at the Service of the Ambiente, Ramírez, Ricardo , Liturgy, p.21-23, (1978)
Liturgy from the Mexican American Perspective, Ramírez, Ricardo , Worship, July, Number 51, p.293-298, (1977)
Is the Prophet Speaking Spanish?, Ramírez, Ricardo , Living Worship, p.1-14, (1977)

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