Feminist Thought and Systematic Theology

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Journal Article


Horizons: Journal of the College Theology Society, Volume 11, p.125-135 (1984)


Feminist/feminista theology; Theological Anthropology


This article indicates elements of systematic theology that are enriched by the influence of feminist insights. More balanced understanding of "the human" and more accurate knowledge of gender identification have an impact on theological anthropology; questioning the role of the masculine Jesus as women's savior has stimulated new christological reflection about the Christian community as "body" of Christ; the sacramentality of the church and of its rituals receives a broader meaning as women theologians explain the symbolic dimension of their participation in the life of the church. Finally, feminist theologians have triggered reconsideration of applying terms such as "father" to God. [B Cooke].


Title Enrichment: Creative teaching. Bibliography. Indexed in RIO, vol 16; abstract, p 1370

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