A History of the Mexican-American People

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University of Notre Dame Press, Notre Dame, IN, p.xiv, 256 p. (1993)


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Mexican Americans -- History


Contents: Pt. 1. The Indian-Spanish Heritage -- Ch. 1. Introduction. The Melting Pot. Ch. 2. The Mexican Americans. Census Bureau Count 1930-1960. What's in a Name? 1970 Census Count. Location. Ch. 3. Conquest of Mexico. Hernan Cortes. Corte's Expedition. An Easy Victory. La Malinche. Converting the Indian. Creating a Labor Force. Bartolome de las Casas. Ch. 4. Dreamers and Schemers. Outward Expansion. The Struggle for Power. The Search for Gold. The Silver Rush. Ch. 5. Farms and Forts - The Expanding Settlement. Migration Northward. The Haciendas. New World Aristocrats. Indian Raids - Spanish Garrisons. Ch. 6. The Buffer State. Building the New Colony. Pueblo Resistance. Frontier Hardships. The Hopi Indians. Internal Strife and Onate's Downfall. Indian Rebellion. The Kingdom Rebuilt. Ch. 7. Mission Settlements. Missions in New Mexico. Missions in Arizona and Texas. Missions in California. Junipero Serra. Decline of the Mission System -- Pt. 2. The Foreign Intrusion. Ch. 8. Threatened Colonies I: European Competitors. The French Threat. The British Threat. The Russian and Indian Threats. The Spanish Defense System. Los Angeles. Ch. 9. Threatened Colonies II: The Anglo Invasion. Invasion of New Mexico. Invasion of Texas. Invasion of California. Ch. 10. Frontier in Conflict. Rebellion in Texas. Stephen F Austin. Conflict in New Mexico. Ch. 11. The Ultimate Violence. Manifest Destiny. The Monroe Doctrine. Annexation of Texas. California: Prelude to War. Mexican-American War. Santa Anna. Ch. 12. Heritage of Bitterness. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. "New Citizens" Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. A Permanent Boundary. Continued Dispute. The Gadsden Treaty. Ch. 13. The New Southwest. Anglo Superiority. California: Forty-Niners. Cattle Barons. A Violent Land. Joaquin Murieta. Texas: The Lawless Society. The New Economy -- Pt. 3. The Mexican Heritage. Ch. 14. Invasion from the South. Opposition to Diaz. Zapata and Villa. Madero. Emiliano Zapata. Civil War in Mexico. U.S. Involvement. Francisco (Pancho) Villa. The Pershing Expedition. Refugees in the Southwest. The Sacramento Barrio, 1910. The Job Market. Ch. 15. Cheap Labor. Land Grants. Immigration Laws. The Great Depression. World War II. The Bracero Agreement. Commuters. Illegal Aliens. Undocumented Workers. The Visitor's Permit. Migrant Farm Workers. Ch. 16. The Mexican American in an Industrial Age. Migration to the Cities. Mexican Americans and World War II. An Urban Population. The Zoot Suit Riots -- Pt. 4. The New Awareness. Ch. 17. Search for Equality. Mexican Americans and the Schools. Struggle against Discrimination. Pursuing Civil Rights. Ch. 18. Striving for Self-Determination. Fraternal Organizations. Early Labor Organizations. Organizing Mine Workers. Organizing Agricultural Workers. Mexican Labor and the Great Depression. Ch. 19. Organizing for Survival. The DiGiorgio Strike. Cesar Chavez and the Farm Workers. Lopez Tijerina and the Alianza. Good Neighbors at Home. Stimulating Political Action. Educational Organizations. Crusade for Justice. Political Activities of the 60s and 70s. La Raza Unida. The National Chicano Moratorium. Ch. 20. A Rich Tradition Continues. Drama. Los Vendidos. Folklore. Poetry. Fiction. The Visual Arts. Music. Ch. 21. The Religious Dimension of Mexican Americans. Mexican American Catholicism. Popular and Institutional Religion. Emergence of Popular Piety. Impact of Marginalization. Need for Change. Ch. 22. What the Future Holds. Education. Media. National Organizations. The Christian Churches. Foundations. Published Materials. Mexican Americans and the Armed Forces. Government Agencies. Graciela Olivarez -- Appendix I: Court Record of Superior Court of California -- Appendix II: Inquest on Salazar's Death. Includes bibliographical references and index.

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