Perspectivas: Hispanic Ministry

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Sheed & Ward, Kansas City, MO,, 152 pp. (1995)


Ministry; Hispanic Americans -- Religious life and experience; Church work with Hispanic Americans.


Contents: Models, by A Deck. The poor in a middle-class church, by J Fitzpatrick. Caribbean contribution, by D Zapata. Pluralism, by A Isasi-Diaz. Multiculturalism as an ideology, by A Deck. No melting pot in sight, by T Matovina. Women, by Y Tarango. Youth and culture, by A Marill. Youth and evangelization, by C Cervantes. New immigrants, by J Fitzpatrick. Empowering leaders, by T Matovina. Formation in religious communities, by V Mendez. Catechesis, by A Erevia. The challenge of proselytism, by J Diaz Vilar. Preaching in Spanish as a second language, by K Davis. Religious imagination, by A Garcia-Rivera. Spirituality, by A Perez Rodriguez. Popular religion, by V Elizondo. Liturgy, by T Matovina. Pastoral de conjunto, by A Pineda. Basic Christian Communities, by D Martinez. Reasons for our hope, by A Deck. Appendix one: selected pastoral resources, by K Davis.

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