In the Power of Wisdom: Feminist Spiritualities of Struggle

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Concilium, SCM Press, Volume 2000/5, London, p.140 p. (2000)




Comparative Studies; Feminist/Feminista Theology; Spirituality


Contents: Introduction: walking in the way of wisdom, by E Fiorenza. Wo/men, the Ba-ram bearers: Asian feminist spiritualities, by N Kim. Sophia's sisters in struggle: kyriarchal backlash, feminist vision, by M Hunt. Feminist spirituality: risk and resistance, by I Gebara. A voice of wisdom-sophia: feminist therapy/spiritual direction, by D Neu. We know, we can: wisdom and creation in wo/men's spiritual experience, by M Navarro Puerto. The justice of sophia: biblical wisdom traditions and feminist discourses, by S Schroer. Jewish women and the Shekhina, by S Sered. "If we do not love life": spirituality and ethics in the new millennium, by C Christ. The spirituality of our ancestors, by C Ajo Lazaro. Brigit: soulsmith for the new millennium, by M Condren. In the movement of wisdom: wisdom rituals and liturgies as spiritual resources in the struggle for justice, by S Lima Silva. Conclusion: towards a new world in the power of wisdom, by M Aquino.

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