The Return of the Just War

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Concilium, SCM-Centerbury Press, Volume 2001/2, London, p.125 (2001)




War -- Religious aspects.; Violence -- Religious aspects -- Christianity.; Catholic Church -- Social Teaching; Peace -- Religious aspects.


Contents: Chronic acts of violence and war crimes concealed all over the world: the argument for a return to the 'just war', by P Bsteh. War and armed conflicts: the ambivalent role of the communications media, by C Gumucio. Eurocentricity in the perception of wars and reflections on them, by G Beestermoller. The religious rhetoric of just war, by K Himes. The interreligious dimension: a global ethic of peace, by J Burke. A biblical view: between eschatology and apocalyptic, by J Tamayo-Acosta. Christian just war tradition: tensions and development, by L Cahill. Humanitarian intervention, just peacemaking and the United Nations, by J M Thompson. The God of war and the God of peace with justice, by J Vigil. Justice upholds peace: a feminist approach, by M Aquino. Reflections on the earthquake, by J Sobrino.

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