A Reader in Latina Feminist Theology. Religion and Justice

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University of Texas Press, Austin, TX, p.320 pp., 9 graphs (2002)




Feminist/Feminista Theology; Latin American theology; Latina/Hispanic Women; '; s Religious Life; &; Experience; Liberation Theology


Contents: Seeing beauty within torment : Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and the Baroque in New Spain /; Michelle A. Gonzáles --; Prophesy freedom : Puerto Rico women's literature as a source for Latina feminist theology /; Teresa Delgado --; Ana Castillo as santera : reconstructing popular religion praxis /; Gail Pérez --; Reading from ourselves : identity and hermeneutics among Mexican-American feminists /; Leticia A. Guardiola-Sáenz --; Perception matters : Pentecostal Latinas in Allentown, Pennsylvania /; Anna Adams --; Latina activists : toward in inclusive spirituality of being in the world /; Jeanette Rodrígues --; Latina feminist theology : central features /; María Pilar Aquino --; The unnamed woman : justice, feminists, and the undocumented woman /; Daisy L. Machado --; Justice crosses the border : the preferential option for the poor in the United States /; Carmen Marie Nanko --; Ignored virgin or unaware women : a Mexican-American Protestant reflection on the Virgin of Guadalupe /; Nora O. Lozano-Días --; Pathways to a Mestiza feminist theology /; Gloria Inés Loya --; Notes toward a ChicanaFeminist epistemology (and why it is important for Latina feminist theologies) /; Nancy Pineda-Madrid.

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