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"One Is Not Born a Latina, One Becomes One": The Construction of the Latina Feminist Theologian in Latino/a Theology, González, Michelle A. , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, Feb, Volume 10, Number 3, p.5-30, (2003)
A Critical Reading, Appreciation, and Assessment of Responses to On Being Human, Díaz, Miguel H. , Philosophy & Theology, Volume 16, Number 1, p.151-162, (2004)
An Appreciation and a Critique in a Discussion of On Being Human: U.S. Hispanic and Rahnerian Perspectives, Gromada, Conrad T. , Philosophy & Theology, Volume 16, Number 1, p.131-40, (2004)
A New Mestizaje/Mulatez: Reconceptualizing Difference, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , A Dream Unfinished: Theological Reflections on America from the Margins, Maryknoll, NY, p.203-219, (2001)
A Matter of Life and Death: Theological Anthropology Between Calvary and Galilee, Goizueta, Roberto S. , Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America, Volume 53, p.1-20, (1998)
A New Humanity, Elizondo, Virgilio P. , North Dakota Quarterly, Fall , Volume 59, p.17-20, (1991)
A Child in a Manger: The Beginning of a New Order of Existence, Elizondo, Virgilio P. , Proclaiming the Acceptable Year: Sermons from the perspective of liberation theology, Valley Forge, PA, p.64-70, (1982)
A Search for Meaning in Life and Death, Elizondo, Virgilio P. , Manila, Philippines, (1971)
Created in God's Image: an introduction to feminist theological anthropology, González, Michelle A. , Maryknoll, NY, (2007)
Commentary on "Populorum Progressio" (On the Development of Peoples), Deck, Allan Figueroa , Modern Catholic Social Teaching, Washington, DC, p.292-314, (2005)
Christian Doctrines of Humanity and the African Experience of Evil and Suffering: toward a Black theological anthropology, Stewart, Dianne , The Ties That Bind: African-American and Hispanic-American/Latino Theology in the United States, New York, NY, p.184-199, (2001)
Discovering a People, Gutierrez, Gustavo , Listening: Journal of Religion and Culture, Fall, Volume 32, Number 3, p.174-178, (1997)
De la cuestion del hombre a la cuestion de Dios : Kant, Feuerbach, Heidegger, Alfaro, Juan I. , Gregorianum, Volume 63, Number 2, p.211-272, (1982)
Elements of a Mujerista Anthropology, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , In the Embrace of God : Feminist Approaches to Theological Anthropology, Maryknoll, NY, p.92-102, (1995)
Fiesta: Life in the Subjunctive, Goizueta, Roberto S. , From the Heart of our People: Latino/a Explorations in Catholic Systematic Theology, Maryknoll, NY, p.84-99, (1999)
Feminist Thought and Systematic Theology, Turner, Pauline; Cooke, Bernard , Horizons: Journal of the College Theology Society, Spr, Volume 11, p.125-135, (1984) Abstract
Grace and Humanness: Theological Reflections Because of Culture, Espín, Orlando O. , Maryknoll, NY, (2007)
God and Caesar at the Rio Grande: Sanctuary and the Politics of Religion, Cunningham, Hilary , Minneapolis. MN, p.xxiii, 264 p., (1995)
Grace and Humanness: a Hispanic perspective, Espín, Orlando O. , We are a People! Initiatives in Hispanic American Theology, Minneapolis, MN, p.133-164, (1992)
Hans Urs von Balthasar and Contemporary Feminist Theology, Gonzalez, Michelle A. , Theological Studies, S, Volume 65, Number 3, p.566-596, (2004)
Hispanic/Latino Identity: A Philosophical Perspective , Garcia, Jorge E. , Malden, MA, (2000)
Hombre quien eres tu? El enigma del hombre en el tiempo y en el mas alla, Elizondo, Virgilio P. , Mexico, (1971)
Introduccion a la Antropologia Teologica, Ladaria, Luis F. , Navarra, Spain, (1996)
Including Women's Experience: a Latina Feminist Perspective, Aquino, María Pilar , In the Embrace of God: Feminist Approaches to Theological Anthropology, Maryknoll, NY, p.51-70, (1995)
Life-Giving Migrations: Re-visioning the Mystery of God through US Hispanic Eyes, Díaz, Miguel H. , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, Number June 2006, (2006)

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