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San Juan de la Cruz, su importancia para el mundo moderno, Rodríguez, Isaías , CAMINOS, October-December, Number 23, p.7, (2006)
Carmen Dei: Music and Creation in Three Theologians, Casarella, Peter J. , Theology Today, January, Volume 62, Number 4, p.484-500, (2006)
A Trinitarian Approach to the Community-Building Process of Tradition: Oneness as Diversity in Christian Traditioning, Díaz, Miguel H. , Futuring Our Past: Explorations in the Theology of Tradition, Maryknoll, NY, p.157-179, (2006)
Juan Diego: The Empowered Evangelizer, De Luna, Anita , The Treasure of Guadalupe, Lanham, MD, p.51-56, (2006)
Treasure of Hope, Méndez, Veronica , The Treasure of Guadalupe, Lanham, MD, p.45-49, (2006)
The Treasure of Guadalupe, Deck, Allan Figueroa; Elizondo, Virgilio P.; Matovina, Timothy M. , Celebrating Faith Series: Exploration in Latino Spirituality and Theology, Lanham, MD, (2006)
You Can Do It, García, David , The Treasure of Guadalupe, Lanham, MD, p.19-22, (2006)
Contemplating Christ through the Eyes of Mary: The Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae and the New Mysteries of Light, Casarella, Peter J. , Pro Ecclesia, Spring, Volume 14, Number 2, p.161-73, (2005)
Devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe among Mexican Americans, Rodríguez, Jeanette , Many Faces, One Church: Cultural Diversity and the American Catholic Experience, Lanham, MD, (2005)
Guadalupe and Her Faithful: Latino Catholics in San Antonio, from Colonial Origins to the Present, Matovina, Timothy M. , Baltimore, MD, p.xv, 232 pp., (2005)
Veneration of the Saints and Beati, Gómez Ruiz, Raúl , Commentary on the Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy: Principles and Guidelines, Collegeville, MN, (2005)
Celebrating Guadalupe, Dunnington, Jacqueline Orsini , Tucson, AZ, p.84 p. : col. ill. ; 20 cm., (2004)
Saint Barbara and Saint Lazarus, Sosa, Juan J. , Misa, Mesa, y Musa: Liturgy in the U.S. Hispanic Church, Schiller Park, IL, p.42-55, (2004)
Teresa de Ávila, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , Diccionario Ilustrado de Intérpretes de La Fe, Terrassa, Barcelona, (2004)
Shining a Light on the New Mysteries, Cavazos-González, Gilberto , U.S. Catholic, October, Number 68, p.30-31, (2003)
Presence, Providence and Promise, De Luna, Anita , Making providence visible : Providence Event 2003, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, IN, p.62 p., (2003)
Virgen y Madre: Reflexiones biblicas sobre Maria de Nazaret, Elizondo, Virgilio P. , Liguori, MO, (2003)
Laying Down the Law for Christ, Macy, Gary , National Catholic Reporter, Nov 22, Volume 39, Number 5, p.15, (2002)
The Contribution of Catholic Orthodoxy to Caribbean Syncretism: The Case of La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre in Cuba, Stevens-Arroyo, Anthony M. , Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions, January-March, Volume 47, Number 117, Paris, p.37-58, (2002)
Words of Power, Macy, Gary , National Catholic Reporter, Feb 1, Volume 38, Number 13, p.16, (2002)
Our Most Ancient Celebration, Macy, Gary , National Catholic Reporter, Dec 20, Volume 39, Number 8, p.21, (2002)
Companion in Exile: Guadalupan Devotion at San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio, Texas, 1900-1940, Matovina, Timothy M. , Horizons of the Sacred: Mexican Traditions in U.S. Catholicism, Ithaca, NY, p.17-40, (2002)
St. Juan Diego, Elizondo, Virgilio P. , St. Anthony Messenger, Volume 110, Number 2, p.28, (2002)
Guadalupe: the birth of American mestizo Christianity, Elizondo, Virgilio P. , Louvain Studies, Wint, Volume 26, Number 4, p.295-312, (2001)
How Can We Call Mary "Mediator"?, Davis, Kenneth G. , Catholic Digest, Sep, Volume 64, p.126-127, (2000)

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