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The Hidden History of Women's Ordination: female clergy in the medieval West, Macy, Gary , Oxford; New York, (2007)
On the Road to Priesthood in the Company of a Faithful God, Fernández, Eduardo C. , Vision, 72-77, Number 2004, (2004)
The Church's Legacy of Misogyny, Macy, Gary , National Catholic Reporter, Apr 25, Volume 39, Number 25, p.17, (2003)
A Priest Forever, López, Antonio , Columbia, Volume 83, Number 9, p.10, (2003)
A History of Women and Ordination: The ordination of women in a Medieval context, Cooke, Bernard; Macy, Gary; Martin, John Hilary , Volume 1, Lanham, MD, p.xiii, 184, (2002)
Parish and Family: planting seeds for vocations, Garcia, Richard; Foss, Dorothy , Seminarium, Volume 42, Number 1, p.183, (2002)
The Ordination of Women in the Early Middle Ages, Macy, Gary , Theological Studies, S, Volume 61, Number 3, p.481-507, (2000)
Could Jesus have Ordained Women? Reflections on Mulieris dignitatem, Viladesau, Richard R. , Thought, Mar, Volume 67, p.5-20, (1992)
O ministerio ordenado da mulher, Dimas Soberal, Jose , Mulher, tema atual, São Paulo, SP, Brasil, p.370 p., (1990)
Hispanic Vocations: Light at the End of the Tunnel, Deck, Allan Figueroa , Call to Growth in Ministry, Winter, Volume 11, Number 2, p.12-18, (1986)
Hispanic Vocations: What Happens Once You've Got Them?, Deck, Allan Figueroa , Priest, March, Volume 42, p.18-22, (1986)
Women in the Ordained Ministry of the Church and Human Liberation, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , Women in Dialogue, Notre Dame, IN, p.129 p., (1979)
Women in the Sacramental Priesthood, Cooke, Bernard; Turner, Pauline , Women Priests: a Catholic commentary on the Vatican declaration, New York, NY, p.249-250, (1977)
Women Can Have a Natural Resemblance to Christ, Turner, Pauline; Cooke, Bernard , Women Priests: a Catholic commentary on the Vatican declaration, New York, NY, p.258-259, (1977)

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