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Afro-Cuban Religion
Irokó e Ará-Kolé: Comentário exegético a um mito Iorubá-Lucumí, Espín, Orlando O. , Perspectiva Teológica, Jan/Abr, Volume 18, Number 44, p.29-61, (1986)
Bible (N.T.) Book of Revelation -- criticism
Biblical Interpretation from a U.S. Hispanic American Perspective: a reading of the Apocalypse, Ruíz, Jean-Pierre , El Cuerpo de Cristo: The Hispanic Presence in the U.S. Catholic Church, New York, NY, p.78-105, (1998)
Bible (N.T.) Gospel of John -- criticism
The Mariology of the Fourth Gospel: Mary and the struggles for liberation, Alfaro, Juan I. , Biblical Theology Bulletin, Ja, Volume 10, p.3-16, (1980) Abstract
Bible (O.T.) Exodus -- criticism
La Tierra Prometida Sacramento de la Liberacion del Exodo, Alfaro, Juan I. , Revista Biblica, Volume 46, Number 1-2, p.117-129, (1984) Abstract
Bible -- criticism
Decolonizing Biblical Studies: A View from the Margins, Segovia, Fernando F. , Maryknoll, NY, p.xi, 177 p., (2000)
Black Theology
Afro-Cuban Theology: religion, race, culture, and identity, González, Michelle A. , Gainesville, FL, p.xi, 191 p., (2006)
Catholic Church -- Latin America
North and Latin American Catholicism: From Oppressive Solitude Toward Liberating Solidarity , Maduro, Otto , Mission & Mysticism: evangelization and the experience of God, Maryknoll, NY, p.1-11, (1987)
Christian Democracy and the Liberating Option for the Oppressed in Latin American Catholicism, Maduro, Otto , Concilium, Volume 193, p.106-119, (1987)
Catholic Church -- United States -- History.
Making Christ Credible: U.S. Latino/a Popular Catholicism and the Liberating Nearness of God, Goizueta, Roberto S. , Practicing Catholic: ritual, body, and contestation in Catholic faith, New York, p.169-178, 302, (2006)
Chicano Clergy and the Emergence of Liberation Theology, Cadena, Gilbert R. , Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, Volume 2, Number 2, p.107-121, (1989)
Christian-Jewish Relations
Judaism, Christianity, and Liberation, Maduro, Otto , Maryknoll, NY, p.152, (1991)
Church Empowerment, Liberation Theology and the Jewish Experience: A Latin American Catholic Perspective , Maduro, Otto , Christian Jewish Relations, Volume 21, Number 1, p.25-31, (1988)
Comparative Studies
Theologies of the Third World: commonalities and differences, Elizondo, Virgilio P.; Boff, Leonardo , Concilium, Edinburgh, (1988)
Drum Beats of Resistance and Liberation: Afro-Caribbean Religions, the Struggle for Life, and the Christian Theologian, Cardoza-Orlandi, Carlos F. , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, Aug, Volume 3, Number 1, p.50-61, (1995)
Culture -- as source of theology
Creating a Liberating Culture: Latinas' Subversive Narratives, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , Converging on Culture: theologians in dialogue with cultural analysis and criticism, Oxford; New York, (2001)
Discourse and Liberation: Toward a Critical Coordination of Discourse Ethics and Enrique Dussel's Ethics of Liberation, Schelkshorn, Hans , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, N, Volume 5, Number 2, p.54-74, (1997)
To Live is to Struggle: Educating for a New World Order, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , Pace, March, 1994, Volume 23, (1994)
The Confrontation between the Theology of the North and the Theology of the South, Gibellini, Rosino , Beyond Borders: Writings of Virgilio Elizondo and Friends, Maryknoll, NY, p.257-271, (2000)
Ignacio Ellacuria's Debt to Xavier Zubiri: Critical Principles for a Latin American Philosophy and Theology of Liberation, Lassalle-Klein, Robert , Love That Produces Hope: the thought of Ignacio Ellacuría, Collegeville, MN, p.88-127, (2006)
Critical Introduction, Lassalle-Klein, Robert , Love That Produces Hope: the thought of Ignacio Ellacuría, Collegeville, MN, p.xiii-xxxv, (2006)
Evangelistic work -- Catholic Church.
An Interpretation of Evangelization: Jon Sobrino's christology and ecclesiology in dialogue, Fagan, Eileen M. , San Francisco, CA, p.xviii, 273 p., (1998)
Feminist/Feminista Theology
A Reader in Latina Feminist Theology. Religion and Justice, Aquino, María Pilar; Machado, Daisy L.; Rodríguez, Jeanette , Austin, TX, p.320 pp., 9 graphs, (2002)
Teología Feminista Latinoamericana. Evolución y Desafíos, Aquino, María Pilar , Tópicos '90, Volume Cuadernos , Santiago, Chile, p.107-122, (1995)
Feminist/feminista theology
El siglo de las mujeres teologia latinoamericana, Aquino, Maria Pilar , Christus, Volume 65, p.34, (2000)
Burlando al Opresor: Mocking/Tricking the Oppressor: Hispanas/Latinas' Dreams and Hopes, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , Theological Studies, June, Volume 65, Number 2, p.340-363, (2004)

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