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Commentary on "Populorum Progressio" (On the Development of Peoples), Deck, Allan Figueroa , Modern Catholic Social Teaching, Washington, DC, p.292-314, (2005)
Conclusion: Assessing and Interpreting 150 Years of Latino Faith-Based Civic Activism, Elizondo, Virgilio P.; Espinosa, Gaston; Miranda, Jesse , Latino Religions and Civic Activism in the United States, New York, NY, p.307-314, (2005)
Oakland Community Organizations'"Faith in Action": locating the grassroots social justice mission, Palacios, Joseph M. , Living the Catholic Social Tradition: cases and commentary, Lanham, MD, p.125, (2005)
PADRES: Latino Community Priests and Social Action, Garcia, Mario T. , Latino Religions and Civic Activism in the United States, New York, NY, p.77-95, (2005)
Preaching the Teaching: Hispanics, Homiletics, and Catholic Social Justice Doctrine, Davis, Kenneth G.; Peréz, Leopoldo , Scranton, PA, p.xv, 228 p., (2005)
Mestiza Spirituality: Community, Ritual and Justice, Rodríguez, Jeanette , Theological Studies, Je, Volume 65, Number 2, p.317-339, (2004)
The Drama of Immigration and the Cry of the Poor, Groody, Daniel G. , 'Alambrista' and the U.S.-Mexico Border: Film, Music and Stories of Undocumented Immigrants, Albuquerque, NM, (2004)
Teaching as Social Action, González, Michelle A. , Vistas, Spring, Number 6, Loyola Marymount University, p.3, (2003)
On the Streets of a Fragile World, Elizondo, Virgilio P. , Walking with God in a Fragile World, Lanham, MD, p.47-55 , (2003)
Reconciliation in a World of Conflicts, Aquino, María Pilar; Susin, Luiz Carlos , Concilium, Volume 2003/5, London, p.141 p., (2003)
The Moral Vision of César Chávez, Dalton, Frederick John , Maryknoll, NY, p.viii, 200 p., (2003)
Towards a Culture of Reconciliation: Justice, Rights, Democracy, Aquino, María Pilar , Reconciliation in a World of Conflicts, Volume 2003/5, London, p.126-134, (2003)
The Dynamics of Globalization and the University: toward a radical democratic-emancipatory transformation, Aquino, María Pilar , Toward a New Heaven and a New Earth: Essays in Honor of Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, Maryknoll, NY, p.385-406, (2003)
Gnawing Fears Spring from US Narcissism, Macy, Gary; Bryjak, George J. , National Catholic Reporter, Nov 8, Volume 39, Number 3, p.18, (2002)
Hambre de Pan, Hambre de Dignidad, Groody, Daniel G. , Migrantes Magazine, July 2002, (2002)
Die Gerechtigkeit überschreitet die Grenze. Die Option für die Armen in den Vereinigten Staaten, Nanko-Fernández, Carmen M. , Glaube an der Grenze: die US-amerikanische Latino-Theologie, Freiburg im Breisgau, p.152-179, (2002)
In A Time Such as This, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , Strike Terror No More: theology, ethics, and the new war, St. Louis, MO, (2002)
Justice Crosses the Border: The Preferential Option for the Poor in the United States, Nanko-Fernández, Carmen M. , A Reader in Latina Feminist Theology: Religion and Justice, Austin, TX, p.177-203, (2002)
The Way of the Cross: the Passion of Christ in the Americas, Elizondo, Virgilio P. , Celebrating faith, Lanham, MD, p.xiv, 111 p., (2002)
Globalization, Social Policy, and Christianity at the Dawn of a New Millennium: Some Reflections from a Latin American Emigrant Perspective, Maduro, Otto , Religion and Social Policy, New York, NY, (2001)
Justice Upholds Peace: a Feminist Approach, Aquino, María Pilar , The Return of the Just War, London, p.102-110, (2001)
North American Contextual Theologies, Lassalle-Klein, Robert , Catholic Theological Society of America Proceedings, Volume 56, p.190-192, (2001)
The Soulfulness of Black and Brown Folk, Deck, Allan Figueroa; Tirres, Christopher , DRCLAS News, Spring, David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, (2000)
Communities of Character: organizing around common values, Schultze, George E. , Sojourners, S-O, Volume 29, Number 5, p.14, (2000)
Liberation Theology and Democracy : Toward a New Historical Project, Petrella, Ivan , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, My, Volume 7, Number 4, p.50-67, (2000)

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