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Vapautuksen Teologia Latinalaisessa Amerikassa. Näkökohtia naisen Perspektiivistä, Aquino, María Pilar , Uskon Ja Elämän Uudet Kielet. Raportii Latinalaisen Amerikan ja Vapautuksen Teologian Seminaarista, Helsinki, p.21-40, (1990)
Women of Revolutionary Integrity, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , The Book of Women's Sermons: hearing God in each other's voices , New York, p.276 p., (1999)
Women's Contribution to Theology in Latin America, Aquino, María Pilar , Feminist Ethics and the Catholic Moral Tradition. Readings in Moral Theology, Volume 9, Mahwah, NJ, p.90-119, (1996)
What's in a Name? Exploring the Dimensions of What 'Feminist Studies in Religion' Means, Aquino, María Pilar , Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, Spring, Volume 11, Number 1, p.111-136, (1995)
Women of God, Women of the People: Four Biblical Meditations, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , St. Louis, MO, (1995)
Women's Experience in Feminist Thought, Rodríguez, Jeanette , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, Volume 1, Number 1, (1993)
Women's Experience in Feminist Theology : The "Problem" or the "Truth" of Difference, Secker, Susan L. , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, Nov, Volume 1, Number 1, p.56-67, (1993)
Women's Participation in the Church: A Catholic perspective, Aquino, María Pilar , Liberation Theology: An Introductory Reader, Maryknoll, NY, p.192-197, (1992)
Women's Participation in the Church: a Catholic perspective, Aquino, María Pilar , With Passion and Compassion: Third World Women Doing Theology, Maryknoll, NY, p.159-164, (1988)
Women in the Ordained Ministry of the Church and Human Liberation, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , Women in Dialogue, Notre Dame, IN, p.129 p., (1979)
¿Qué es Hacer Teología desde la Perspectiva de la Mujer?, Aquino, María Pilar , Iglesia y derechos humanos. IX Congreso de Teología, Madrid, p.175-189, (1989)

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