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Inheriting Our Mothers' Gardens: Feminist Theology in Third World Perspective, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María; Russell, Letty M.; Pui-lan Kwok; Cannon, Katie Geneva , Philadelphia, PA, (1988)
'Apuntes' for a Hispanic Women's Theology of Liberation, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , Apuntes, Fall, Number 6, p.61-71, (1986)
Toward an Understanding of Feminismo Hispano in the USA, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , Women's Consciousness, Women's Conscience: a reader in feminist ethics, Minneapolis, MN, p.51-61, (1985)
Two Worlds Pull Feminist Hispanics, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , National Catholic Reporter, Apr 13, Volume 20, p.19, (1984)
La Mujer Hispana: Voz Profética en la Iglesia de los Estados Unidos, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , Pro Mundi Vita, Brussels, Belgium, (1982)
Women in the Ordained Ministry of the Church and Human Liberation, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , Women in Dialogue, Notre Dame, IN, p.129 p., (1979)
Silent Women Will Never Be Heard, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , Missiology: An International Review, July, Volume VII, Number 3, p.295-301, (1979)
Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz: precursor of Latin American feminism, Kirk, Pamela , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, F, Volume 5, p.16-38, (1998)
Latina Feminist Theologies, Loya, Gloria Ines , Handbook of Latina/o Theologies, St. Louis, MO, p.227-235, (2006)
Pathways to a Mestiza Feminist Theology, Loya, Gloria Ines , A Reader in Latina Feminist Theology: Religion and Justice, Austin, TX, (2002)
Considering the Source / Fuentes for a Hispanic Feminist Theology, Loya, Gloria Ines , Theology Today, January, Volume 54, Number 4, p.491-498, (1998)
The Hispanic Woman: Pasionaria and Pastora of the Hispanic Community, Loya, Gloria Ines , Frontiers of Hispanic Theology in the United States, Maryknoll, NY, p.124-133, (1992)
Latinas Writing Theology at the Threshold of the Twenty-First Century, Pineda-Madrid, Nancy , Feminist Theologies: legacy and prospect, Minneapolis, MN, p.55-65, (2007)
Latina Roman Catholic Theologies, Pineda-Madrid, Nancy , Encyclopedia of Women and Religion in North America, Bloomington, IN, p.1193-1200, (2006)
Resurrection of the Body in Feminist Theology, Pineda-Madrid, Nancy , Catholic Theological Society of America Proceedings, Volume 60, p.93-94, (2005)
Ana Castillo as Santera: Reconstructing Popular Religious Praxis, Pérez, Gail , A Reader in Latina Feminist Theology. Religion and Justice, Austin, TX, (2002)
Notes Toward a Chicana Feminist Epistemology (and why it is important for Latina feminist theologies)., Pineda-Madrid, Nancy , A Reader In Latina Feminist Theology: Religion and Justice, Austin, TX, p.241-266, (2002)
Überlegungen im Hinblick auf eine chicana-feministische Epistemologie (und warum sie für feministische Latina-Theologien von Bedeutung ist). , Pineda-Madrid, Nancy , Glaube an der Grenze Die US-amerikanische Latino-Theologie, Freiburg, p.180-210, (2002)
Latina Theology, Pineda-Madrid, Nancy , New Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 8, Washington, DC, p.369-370, (2002)
La mujer se piensa a si misma: De la cólera a la liberación, Pineda, Ana María , Algunas mujeres nos han sobresaltado, Madrid, p.77-88, (1993)
Latina Activists: Toward An Inclusive Spirituality of Being in the World, Rodríguez, Jeanette , A Reader in Latina Feminist Theology: Religion and Justice, Austin, TX, (2002)
Stories We Live/Cuentos que Vivimos: Hispanic Women's Spirituality, Rodríguez, Jeanette , New York, NY,, 88 p., (1996)
Guadalupe: The Feminine Face of God, Rodríguez, Jeanette , Goddess of the Americas, La Diosa de las Americas: Writings on the Virgin of Guadalupe, New York, NY, (1996)
Our Lady of Guadalupe: Faith and Empowerment among Mexican American Women, Rodríguez, Jeanette , Austin, TX, p.xxxiii, 227 p., (1994)
Experience as a Resource for Feminist Thought, Rodríguez, Jeanette , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, Nov, Volume 1, Number 1, p.68-76, (1993)

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