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Base Communities/Comunidades de base
Basic Christian Communities: a new model of Church within the U.S. Hispanic community, Martinez, Dolorita , New Theology Review, November, Volume 3, Number 4, Collegeville, MN, p.35-42, (1990)
Basic Christian Communities, Martinez, Dolorita , Perspectivas: Hispanic Ministry, Kansas City, MO, p.124-131, (1995)
The Catholic Experience of Small Christian Communities, Rodríguez, Jeanette; Lee, Bernard J.; D'Antonio, William; Elizondo, Virgilio P.; O'Connell Killen, Patricia; Whitehead, Evelyn Eaton; Whitehead, James D. , New York, NY, (2000)
Catholic Church -- History.
Church Structures for The Hispanics, Sandoval, Moises , Fronteras: a history of the Latin American Church in the USA since 1513, Volume X, San Antonio, TX, p.413-438, (1983)
Catholic Church -- Latin America
North and Latin American Catholicism: From Oppressive Solitude Toward Liberating Solidarity , Maduro, Otto , Mission & Mysticism: evangelization and the experience of God, Maryknoll, NY, p.1-11, (1987)
Catholic Church -- United States.
The Organization of a Hispanic Church, Sandoval, Moises , Hispanic Catholic Culture in the U.S.: Issues and Concerns , Notre Dame, IN, p.131-165, (1994)
Weaving the Tapestry: The Task of the Church in the U.S., Ramirez, Ricardo , Misa, Mesa, y Musa: Liturgy in the U.S. Hispanic Church, Schiller Park, IL, p.6-16, (2004)
Catholic Church
Church: a Roman Catholic perspective, Rodríguez, Jeanette , Handbook of Latina/o Theologies, St. Louis, MO, p.40-49, (2006)
The Multicultural Church: a New Landscape in U.S theologies, Cenkner, William , New York, NY, p.iii, 202, (1996)
The Crisis of Our Times, Elizondo, Virgilio P. , Good Tidings , July-Aug, Volume 9, p.83-90, (1970)
A Platform for Original Voices, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , Ethics in the Present Tense: readings from Christianity and crisis, 1966-1991, New York, p.xvi, 256 p., (1991)
En Cristo somos uno, Rodríguez, Isaías , CAMINOS, January-March, Number 24, p.6-7, (2007)
Base Communities: Changing the Chemistry of the Church, Davis, Kenneth G. , The Catholic World, November-Decembe, Volume 233, p.281-285, (1990)
Further Reflections on the Christology and Ecclesiology of Small Ecclesial Communities, Garcia, Sixto J. , Small Christian Communities: imagining future church, South Bend, IN, p.119-126, (1997)
Was There a "The Church" in the Middle Ages, Macy, Gary , Unity and Diversity in the Church: papers read at the 1994 Summer Meeting, and the 1995 Winter Meeting of the Ecclesiastical Historical Society, Cambridge, MA, p.107-116, (1996)
Churches in Socialist Societies of Eastern Europe, Greinacher, Norbert; Elizondo, Virgilio P. , Concilium, Volume 154, Edinburgh; New York, p.x, 80 p., (1982)
The Ground of Community: Christology or Theology? , Riebe-Estrella, Gary , Dialogue on Community, p.41-47, (2001)
The Catholic Church at the Crossroads: Hispanic and North American, Deck, Allan Figueroa , We Are a People!, Minneapolis, MN, (1992)
La mujer en la Iglesia de Comunión y Participación, Tobar, Dora; Chaparro, M.L. , Revista Theologica Xaveriana, Number 57, Bogotá, p.523-532, (1980)
Communion Ecclesiology on the Borders: Elizabeth Johnson and Roberto S. Goizueta, Doyle, Dennis M. , Theology: Expanding the Borders, Volume 43, Mystic, CT, p.200-218, (1998)
Our Lady Of Guadalupe: A Sign of Ecclesial Unity, Garcia, Sixto J. , Marian Studies , Volume XLIV, p.88-105, (1993)
A Local Ecclesiology: The Hispanic Church in the USA, Elizondo, Virgilio P. , Japanese Missionary Bulletin, Sept 1983, Volume 9, p.487-497, (1981)
Pueblo and Church, Riebe-Estrella, Gary , From the Heart of Our People : Latino/a Explorations in Catholic Systematic Theology, Maryknoll, NY, p.172-188, (1999)
The Hispanic Church in the U.S.A.: a local ecclesiology, Elizondo, Virgilio P. , Catholic Theological Society of America Proceedings , Volume 36, p.155-170, (1981)
The Hispano Model of Church: A People on the March, Stevens-Arroyo, Anthony M.; Ramírez, Ana María Días , New Catholic World, July/August, Volume 223, Number 1336, p.153-157, (1980)

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