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Who Can Help Us Better to Prepare for Christmas?, Icaza, Rosa María , The Treasure of Guadalupe, Lanham, MD, p.39-43, (2006)
El Misterio de Fe: un estudio de los elementos estructurales de la Misa, Johnson, Lawrence J.; Icaza, Rosa María; Arias, Miguel , Washington, DC, p.vii, 140 p., (2005)
Do We Have Inculturated Liturgies?, Icaza, Rosa María , Misa, Mesa, y Musa: Liturgy in the U.S. Hispanic Church, Schiller Park, IL, p.17-24, (2004)
Faith Expressions of Hispanics in the Southwest, Icaza, Rosa María , Workshops on Hispanic Liturgy and Popular Piety, San Antonio, TX, (2003)
Council a Vital Boost to Hispanic Identity, Icaza, Rosa María , National Catholic Reporter, Oct 4, Volume 38, Number 42, p.11-12, (2002)
Living and Sharing the Word among Hispanics, Icaza, Rosa María , Preaching and Culture in Latino Congregations, Chicago, IL, p.27-40, (2000)
Multi-culturalism in Catholic Education, Icaza, Rosa María , Today's Catholic Teacher, March, p.49-52, (1996)
Catholic = Multicultural, Icaza, Rosa María , Today's Catholic Teacher, (1995)
Catholic Traditions, Mexican-American style, Icaza, Rosa María , Catholic Digest, Nov, Volume 59, p.9-17, (1994)
A Program for Formation of Hispanic Leaders, Icaza, Rosa María , PACE, May, p.21-24, (1993)
Espiritualidad-Mística-Liturgia / Spirituality-Mística-Liturgy, Icaza, Rosa María , Visión Profética: Reflexiones pastorales sobre el plan pastoral para el ministerio Hispano / Prophetic Vision: pastoral reflections on the National pastoral plan for Hispanic ministry , Kansas City, MO, p.65-72 (Spanish); 239-247 (English), (1992)
Oraciones de Corazón / Prayers from the Heart, Icaza, Rosa María , San Antonio, TX, (1992)
Prayer, Worship, and Liturgy in a U.S. Hispanic Key, Icaza, Rosa María , Frontiers of Hispanic Theology in the United States, Maryknoll, NY, p.134-154, (1992)
Visión Profética: reflexiones pastorales sobre el Plan pastoral nacional para el ministerio Hispano / Prophetic Vision: pastoral reflections on the National pastoral plan for Hispanic ministry, Galerón, Soledad María; Icaza, Rosa María; Urrabazo, Rosendo , Kansas City, MO, p.viii, 360 p., (1992)
Manual de Facilitadores para Establecer Comunidades Eclesiales de Base, Icaza, Rosa María , San Antonio, TX, (1991)
RICA entre los Hispanos/The RCIA Among the Hispanics, Icaza, Rosa María , Liturgia y Canción, 10 de junio-8 de, Number Tiempo Ord, p.5-8, (1990)
Hispanic Spirituality, Icaza, Rosa María , God's Vineyard: Lay Formation Program for Hispanic Ministers, Chicago, IL, (1990)
The Spirit of Hispanic Worship/El Espíritu del Culto Hispano, Icaza, Rosa María , Flor y canto, Portland, OR, (1990)
Catholic Celebration: a reflection on the liturgical renewal, Icaza, Rosa María , San Antonio, TX, (1989)
Spirituality of the Mexican American People, Icaza, Rosa María , Worship, Number 63, p.232-246, (1989)
Qué expresa el género masculino en español?, Icaza, Rosa María , Amen, San Antonio, TX, (1988)
Is There a Place for Hispanic Candidates in U.S. Seminaries?, Icaza, Rosa María , Call to Growth/Ministry, Chicago, IL, (1987)
Pastoral Care of the Sick/Cuidado Pastoral de los Enfermos, Icaza, Rosa María , Chicago, IL, (1986)
The Cross in Mexican American Popular Piety, Icaza, Rosa María , Liturgy: the holy cross, Number 1, Washington, DC, (1980)
The Cross in Mexican Popular Piety, Icaza, Rosa María , Liturgy, Volume 1, Number 1, p.27-34, (1980)

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